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Human speech is a very important characteristic, it can be used to determine not only the level of education, but also the degree of responsibility and discipline. Speaking betrays other people, his attitude to himself, to his job. Therefore, anyone who wants to be successful in communicating with other people has to work on their speech. Speaking etiquette, the short content of which each of us learned in childhood, contributes to a better understanding among people and helps to build relationships.

Etiquette is a set of norms and rules of behavior, usually an unwritten code that everyone learns through culture. Compliance with speech etiquette generally does not require anyone to be executed in a sequence or in writing, but is mandatory for anyone who wishes to build relationships with other people. Speaking etiquette dictates the desired verbal presentation of typical communication situations. No one came to these rules deliberately, it was established in human communication for thousands of years. Each etiquette formula has its own roots, functions, and options. Speaking etiquette, etiquette is the sign of a good-natured and kind person and is established subconsciously for the conscious perception of the person using them.

The word “etiquette” in French came from Greece. Etymologically, the root, the order, the rule returns. In France, this word was used to describe a special card explaining the rules of seating and behavior at the royal table. But in the time of Louis the Fourteenth, of course, the phenomenon of etiquette does not arise, it has a much older origin. Speaking etiquette, the short content of which can be defined by the phrase “successful communication”, begins when people have to learn to relate and negotiate with each other. Already in ancient times there were rules of conduct that helped interlocutors overcome mutual distrust and interact. Thus, the rules of good behavior were defined in the texts of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians. The old rules of etiquette were a kind of ritual that told the interlocutors that they were “of the same blood” and not threatened. Each ritual had a verbal and non-verbal component. Gradually, the original meaning of many actions is lost, but the ritual and verbal design is preserved and continues to be reproduced.

A modern person often raises the question of why speech etiquette is needed? You can answer briefly – to please other people. The main function of speaking etiquette is to communicate. When the interlocutor observes the general rules, this makes it more understandable and predictable, we trust more than the subconscious ones familiar to us. This has been going on since primitive times, when the world around was very unfair and threatened everywhere, when it was extremely important to observe rituals. When the communication partner performed a familiar series of actions, saying the right words, this removed some of that distrust and facilitated contact. Today, our gene memory also tells you that you can trust someone who follows the rules. Conversational etiquette and norms perform the function of creating a positive emotional atmosphere, help it to have a positive effect on the interlocutor.

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