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Almost all of our graduates graduate by taking part in a project.

For example, we signed the SAYP protocol. I appointed one of my fellow academics who is only responsible for this protocol. Now, he is looking for companies one by one regarding our new registration program. “We made a call, we recruit students, we can include your staff.” he suggests.

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN: I would like universities to be a little more effective in brain gym activities of companies. Firms are trying to improve themselves and channel them to certain projects. While doing these, I would like companies to establish academic committees that include university faculty members. Some companies do this; When I am invited too, I always go. This kind of structuring brings an academic perspective. In addition, you spend time together, you are intertwined with the industry, which paves the way for cooperation. Beyond such meetings, I care that companies and universities come together in social settings.

In the past, bad things may have happened in these matters; but these should not set an example. The academic community is getting younger; a generation that is more dynamic and accustomed to working interdisciplinary

Hope Bayraktar: Turkey’s ambitious future targets for the year 2023. What role will GTÜ play in achieving these goals?

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN: Considering the investment made in the human resources and infrastructure of this university, I think GTÜ should have a serious role in the realization of these goals. The will to transform from Gebze High Technology Institute to GTÜ shows this expectation. As someone who has studies for this purpose and sees the shortcomings of this country in terms of academic, industry, technology and knowledge, I would like to sincerely state: I believe that GTÜ will be one of the most respected and effective institutions. Universities should improve community welfare and quality of life. We are in the heart of industry; Deployed in the area to meet a large part of Turkey’s exports; having serious partners around; stepping into serious collaborations; signing protocols; We are a university setting out the infrastructure and development projects and I gtü’s, I think it would be a university in Turkey to enter the first three.

Ümit BAYRAKTAR: One of the most important needs of the defense and aviation industry is trained human resources. Here too, universities play a role in raising students. Can we get your evaluations on the subject?

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN: Actually, it is not only trained human resources; R & D breakthroughs in general, a requirement to achieve a number of targets in Turkey. Looking, Turkey, a country where the major incentive mechanisms. When I told them abroad, “Let’s get to Turkey, let’s open a branch there, how to transfer money from there to here?” they ask. There is enough incentives. But the ones that will benefit from these are the main institutions and universities that will develop their R&D capacity. To reach the 2023 targets, 300,000 R&D personnel are needed; Currently, the number of staff available is around 100,000. We believe that the most important resource is human resources. How can we shape the next generation that thinks scientifically, can R&D, and develop products? How can we increase the number of such people? We consider them.

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