If On-line Dating Associates Meet up with Not online: A Effect involving

There is no second country man in the world who appreciates and cares about the opposite sex as much as British men, who are refined and elegant.

Some of you boastfully; “Turkish men!” He may say yes, but such an approach would be a relief for them. Some of you may think of French men, but this approach would also be misleading.

Because the men of our country employ women in the fields and in areas that demand male power, while applying pressure and violence to some at home, kicking and slap some even on the streets, imprisoning some in out-of-date appearances, harassing some for their contemporary appearance, raping some, while raping others. Does anyone know that they murdered at the end of the rape?

Aren’t our brilliant daughters between the ages of 09 and 17, who have not yet completed their education, the way for family-approved engagement, marriage, and our men who opened the way to motherhood before they had the opportunity to live their childhood?

Isn’t the problems of insufficient upbringing and wrong education of the babies born by mothers in childhood constitute one of the main problems of the backwardness of our people?

The interest and gentlemanliness that French men show to women often culminate when they are in love and beloved. In such a situation, there is nothing to say to the French men’s love, poetry, romance, literary culture, sensuality, table and drinking conversation, dance and music tastes.

Until his partner begins to go a little wrong with the French man, or jealousy intervenes… Well, the French man who falls into that situation becomes a different man and; He turns into a typical Mediterranean man who is tough, strict, ruthless, who can slap his partner.

With the exception of exceptional examples, British men seem to be born genetically gentlemanly to women. I guess that even in their dreams, British men compete for grace and delicacy against women, circling their opposite sex like a propeller.

In my opinion, the main source of this result is the excessive devotion to the customs and customs of the British, and the protocol and manners from the Empire.

Do not think that I am an English fan. If you have such an impression, you would be wrong. Our recent history of British politicians, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in favor of and against the establishment of the Republic of Turkey systematically and insidiously how they work, they have to know our great harm to our country and we do not have them angry.

My aim in this article, not to act with racism or nationalism sentiment, widely known among the nations of the British man, standing on a direction to be taken samples from them, men of Turkey, in particular our men dealing with tourism is to be vehicle to provide them to take some lessons.

The British, as a nation, are the nation that knows and applies the protocol and etiquette best in the world. Sure, there are no exceptions? For every situation, there are always exceptions.

I would like to list below a few examples of how thoughtful and graceful English gentlemen behave towards their opposite sex.

In any event, if their partner needs a toilet, they will accompany their partner to the toilet door, wait in front of the door, then return to their places together.

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