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It hurts that science, quantum physics, neuroscience and molecular biology give way to spirituality as something completely real and relegating only a beautiful novel and its outdated atheistic ideas of Nietzsche as something already worthless, more than just that, an interesting novel !!

Nietsche makes a skewed and distorted reading of Christianity, largely influenced by Protestant misrepresentation, and for the record that I am not religious and I am not saying it for that.

To try to understand something about Nietzsche, his biography helped me a lot, his deep sensitivity inspires me

Sorry to tell you that you are wrong. The thinking of this magnificent author is based on the interpretation of what he writes through poetic language. He began to criticize all those speeches that only admit reason or that establish an immutable reality. Although he says that none can be considered absolute truth, he affirms that the one that is most related to the myth, since it was modified in the people themselves and established the modified reality through your own interpretation. In the critique of Western culture, it establishes that the reason has to be what we use for our own benefit and not something that frames us and eliminates our instincts as animals that we are. The poetic language that he uses and his clear and precise metaphors lead each one to reflect and become exhausted. Not only the Nazis relied on his speech, anarchists and independence movements from France and the United States as well. In Hitler’s time, many books were banned for attacking the regime such as The Will to Power or his latest speeches that supported Jews in horror at what was happening. He saw in his sister a figure influenced by his husband the racism and superiority that he reflected in some writings. With all this, I don’t want to make you change your mind, or make me seem like a follower of this author’s philosophy; I only ask you to reflect and read not only the works of the author but their impact in all areas so that you can draw a conclusion.

I am very happy to read your comment, there is a lot of ignorance about this author, even philosophy professors are unaware of the true nitzschean thought, calling it totalitarian or even proto-national socialist. From my point of view, as you mention, reading nitzsche is reading a poem and when you understand it, there is no hatred, which is what some see explicitly, but an incredible love of man.

I think it requires a lot of research about Nietzsche to really understand it, when reading Zarathustra it does not give the impression that it is explained in these sentences, and taking into account that many believe they are Nietzschens just for reading that book, the fact is that analyzing Bottom line begins to be scary, and it justifies to some extent why the Nazis took advantage of his thinking in their favor …

Well, it is what its ideology reflects the current Germany, imagine the end of the second world war devastated and destroyed with debts to pay for years and see what it is now. There is no doubt that you should be proud of your race

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