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When I sit with a woman in front of her Tinder account, she opens the man’s profile and looks at all the photos. Multiple. And then usually says “It’s cute” or “No, it doesn’t work!”.

So women usually take their time. Do the same and you will find these selective girls. 🙂

As a rule of thumb, you can also remember that if you hesitate to give a like, swipe to the left.

If you find it difficult to find something about her that is really great before the match, you will also have less enthusiasm to write to her or to answer her.

Is it enough if you use the app in the free version or should you invest in gold?

At Tinder Free you have a limited number of likes that you can give per day. Just like just one superlike a day.

You will come to your matches that way and if you are short of money, then the free version is always sufficient.

However, if you are tight on cash, you won’t be able to afford the date either, right?

Because think about it, if for a month € 16 or € 9 a month for the year is too much money to invest in your success as a woman or on dates, how do you think about a date?

Dates usually come at a cost. And many women (even if they are very willing to pay for themselves or to invite you over) do not like it when the man is a curmudgeon.

This variant, on the other hand, not only gives you a better ranking (not officially confirmed), but also gives you the opportunity to see who has already liked you.

You also have 10 daily top picks instead of just one. These are profiles that are very popular. Match with one of these ladies and your profile will get a boost.

Apropos Boost: Every month you get a free boost in which you are displayed for 30 minutes at the top of women in your area, which in turn gives you more matches. One boost per month is also sufficient. Because you should also write and meet with your matches.

It is of no use to you if you have 200 matches, but only manage to write with 4 of them.

And the environment is another plus. With the gold variant, you have the option of changing your location and being a hamburger in Munich.

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